About us

We put purpose before profit.

Thankyou Payroll is a Wellington based social business that aims to create holistic benefits. We provide free payroll intermediary services to SMEs and charities all over New Zealand. We use an IRD subsidy to cover our costs and we put 25 cents per person, per pay (up to $1.25 per client) into the Thankyou Charitable Trust, which distributes funds to community organisations around New Zealand.

It all began in 2009, in Dunedin when Hugh Davidson saw an opportunity to leverage an IRD payroll subsidy to create community good. From the musty depths of a Port Chalmers garage, version one of the online payroll system emerged. Steady improvement and word of mouth saw the company grow in clients, staff and service features. In 2013 we launched version two of Thankyou Payroll, with a complete redesign, greater versatility, easier integration with external services like Xero and a range of other client focused features.

We now work with thousands of clients all over New Zealand and process millions of dollars worth of pays each week. We have opened a Wellington office, which has become our HQ and we continue to focus on maintaining a great work environment because dang! it makes life more fun when you love the work.

The team!

The Thankyou Payroll team Steve Christina Bjorn Caro Teesh Elliot Hugh Nat Lesleigh Heather Saima Tom

From left to right, top row first: Rogue team photobomber & board member Steve Walker, Bjorn Gronberg, Teesh Nicholas, Hugh Davidson, Lesleigh Ramond, Saima Ali and Tom Bond. And in the front row we have Christina Bellis, Caro Timms, Elliot Ashton-Stretch, Nat Dromgool and Heather Allott. In the lap of Caro we have Hale Bopp and Tomoe.

Tom and Caro hold the fort in the deep south (Dunedin) now and the rest of the team is based in Wellington (and loving it).

Christina Bellis: CEO

Christina comes to us from Sustainability Trust, where she was senior manager, orchestrating a multitude of successful, award winning community programmes and driving significant growth in her six and a half year term. She also serves on 3 not-for-profit boards and has a rich history of work in the community and environmental sector both here and in her home country of Canada.

Christina brings a wealth of skills and organisational experience that will help Thankyou Payroll consolidate our consistently strong growth in readiness for world domination. She is deeply fond of classic bicycles and is usually seen commuting on one of at least two that she owns, and sometimes with Aiko the dog in tow!

Hugh Davidson: Founder & CTO

In 2009 after a stint as service design at the IRD, Hugh identified a gap in the payroll service market and decided to build a unique social enterprise. The concept: a free-to-user, cloud based social enterprise.

Two versions, 3560 coffees, and 5 years later, Thankyou Payroll is working! Working for SMEs and not-for-profits all over New Zealand, for the IRD, and for local communities throughout NZ via the Thankyou Charitable Trust.

It’s a good story! It's proof that innovative ideas, hard work and a good team can affect positive change across multiple sectors.

Hugh has double degrees in Design for technology and Philosophy, brews delicious beer, makes exemplary coffee, owns the cutest dog at his house and is world famous for his seven-year streak winning the Alexandra Blossom Festival Trolley Derby.

Tom Bond: Designer & wrinkle smoother

Tom joined Thankyou Payroll in 2012 and was integral to the comprehensive 2013 redesign and continues to work to improve client experience through design. With considerable time in client support as well Tom has a comprehensive knowledge of the system but also of payroll in general.

He brings a broad range of creative and technical expertise to the fore with years of design related work both in NZ and the UK and is not above photoshopping anomalous hair peices onto photos of staff.

Tom has also represented New Zealand and Scotland in ultimate frisbee. No really, it's a thing.

He has also recently returned to motorsport after a long hiatus driving a subaru, won the NZ Autocross Championship in 2016 and has re mortgaged his house to enter the Otago Rally 2017. Kidding about remortgaging, but there's still time.

Natalie Dromgool: Client happiness specialist

Natalie joined us in 2015, a year of exceptional growth, and she was, and remains being, a key part of the team during that time. Her experience, wonderfully mathematical brain, prodigious ability to learn and her organisational skills are a huge asset for the TYP team.

Natalie’s quirky sense of humour and rearguard action in support of tea drinking are additional charms, and much appreciated glue for the team when the load is heavy and annual leave questions are torrential.

Letisha Nicholas: Client happiness specialist

Letisha moved from warm, sunny Northland to chilly ol' Dunedin 6 years ago to study a BSc in Zoology. She joined the Thankyou Payroll team in 2014 and is currently working fewer hours so she can concentrate on completing her Masters of Science ('Landlord decision making about the energy performance of rentals').

Recently she moved North again to Wellington. In her spare time, Letisha likes to fish, is a staunch defender of equality, is busy solving climate change and developing a social enterprise to improve rental housing in New Zealand.

Saima Ali: System happiness specialist

Saima moved to Wellington from Christchurch to be with the team (formerly worked remotely). She joined us in 2015 in her very capable capacity as a developer and is driving the considerable increase in speed of the updates that we have had on 'the list' for a long time.

Outside of work, Saima loves hanging out with her family, friends and exploring wonderful Wellington! Saima is a delight to work with, bringing warmth humour and sharing a strong desire to make the TYP experience even better for our clients.

Heather Allott: Client happiness specialist

Heather kayaks across the Cook Strait for fun in the weekends, so you know, in terms of sanity she fits right in here! She also comes to us with considerable banking experience, payroll knowledge and has a long history of involvement with not-for-profit groups and sports clubs.

Heather is a very active person, regularly taking groups out on the water and loves Wellington for it's proximity to our wonderful, wild coastline.

Lesleigh Romond: Client happiness specialist

Lesleigh is a colourful individual, with tremendous warmth, a quirky sense of humour and a genuine affinity with people. She brings considerable experience to Thankyou Payroll after working with many other forward thinking agencies both here and in her former US based work.

photo of a cupcake that Lesleigh made, with a smiley face on it.Lesleigh is also firmly of the opinion that business expansion starts with staff waistlines, regularly arriving with sublime baking. She adores spending time with her family including her 3 SPCA fur babies - Pixie, Poppy and Tuck!

Elliot Ashton-Stretch: Client happiness specialist

Elliot is a telephonic charmer and the office speedster with hands that blur when wielding keyboard and mouse. He is also a creative animal, enjoying writing in various forms.

Elliot also diligently helps to eat Lesleigh's baking and distributes office dog cuddles despite the inherent dangers.

Bjorn Gronberg: System happiness specialist

Bjorn means bear apparently, but we know, Bjorn is really a Ninja. He be like a bear-ninja. A Beanja. Bjorn is clever. He has degrees, diplomas and certificates in ninja'ing and is always up for adventures in codeland. At home, he's a maniac.

photo of a cupcake that Lesleigh made, with a smiley face on it.TV/movie marathons, gaming, building flying robot (ninja) suits, keeping the Ninja den clean and drinking more tea and coffee than non-ninja people.

Caro Timms: Captain of processes

Caro makes sure our now considerable batch processes run like they should. She is a sharp cookie, and must operate across all areas to make sure people get paid and PAYE gets filed. She also know's an awful lot about rocks.

Caro is also a new Mum, likes to paddleboard, walk around, climb over and wade through the wild places, which is one of the many attractions of living in the South.

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